How many rooms will be removed from the market when the City Center Hotel (formerly Sheraton) closes? ... souri.html
^ Plus it probably has that musty smell that all good natural history museums have. Perfect for huge cabinets lined with drawers full of Victorian-era "specimens."

(But then again, where would people park?)
This is a false argument. It has literally been done in the real world already. Yes, in the short term they would have guns. Like literally anything else in the world it does not immediately solve the problem. It takes time and hard work and sustained proactive actions. Just like everything else in...
whitherSTL wrote:
Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:13 pm
It'd be interesting to see what would happen if we banned guns. Would there just be hundreds of stabbings, fist fights?
What makes you think that banning guns would make guns go away? Criminals are already banned from owning guns.
^ It has nothing to do with funds. Well, I suppose putting a police officer on every platform might require more funds. But that's not the point. The problem is that the police agencies say they're staffing Metro (and getting paid to do it): at least 44 from the County alone ( link ; the County has ...
First, robbery isn't just "annoying." Someone playing music without headphones is "annoying."

Second,if I may ask - around where did the theft happen and for how long did the person ride the train? Or in other words, between where and where did passengers look for security/police and see none?
You can also tweet the night reporter @NassimBnchabane (that is the correct ID)
Can you tweet it to @tonymess or Elliot Davis or something to make sure it hits the news? Nothing but full-on and constant media pressure will make the agencies take this seriously.
^ I don't recall exactly. It was trotted out by the "St Louis Strong" (I think?) flash in the pan group that doesn't differentiate itself from Better Together but seemed to repeat a lot of BT'sideas.
A borough system based off county councils seems like the logical place to start if doing a borough system (my avi, Gene McNary's idea). All opinions of course, but I reje...
It's one thing for a small municipality to exist in St. Charles County (those less so now than 15 years ago) where it's simply not built out as a dense place. But for St. Louis County to have so many arbitrary borders of small populations is silly, no matter what the makeup of that population is. I...
^ I recall seeing some stats on how many munis we'd have if all the ones below a certain population -- maybe it was 10,000 but not for sure -- were eliminated..Anyone have that info?. The ones left would be as follows. It includes census designated places that aren't municipalities. Florissant Ches...
^that's what I would have thought, but not by reading the last few pages.
On the one hand you have modest representative government because you can't really not have government. On the other you have tiny government because somebody wanted to make sure their neighbor couldn't say anything to them. I'd favor county municipalities consolidating. I'd favor small municipalit...
^ well, yeah. we're talking about municipalities on the order of 1000 people (many of which were created for the sole purpose of fostering segregation) versus a city of 300K with the infrastructural legacy of nearly a million. the direction of consolidation seems pretty obvious. I'm not really talk...
Sure, there could be room for the city department to consolidate with inner ring suburbs, but . . . I don't see any of the little municipalities giving up their cherished departments. And the idea of the city giving up control of vital city services just strikes me as ill-advised. So when municipal... Mackenzie is disincorporating due "apathy and age". The county will take over the parks department, snow removal, garbage contracting, and the police...
I'll be happy with anything that has non-upholstered seats. ^ why? Probably because people don't want to sit on a surface that has soaked up the ass sweat of a collective 1 million people. At least... I don't. A thin layer of microfiber being well known for its absorbent properties . Seriously, I p...
I'll be happy with anything that has non-upholstered seats. ^ why? On another note - didn't Metro sell its LRVs and lease them back a decade ago? If it acquired new vehicles, would it just turn around and sell them again? Unless they're truly falling apart, and it doesn't seem to be the case, the c...
Sorry I can't get excited about a government agency taking up such supposedly prime space - though if the only other choice is "vacant", I guess I'm not allowed to complain.
^ Does this mean Sen is not moving? They projected September to move into the old 1000 Prime and the last time I passed, it appeared stalled.
Don't know if its relevant or not - but arrests for loitering and begging have fallen significantly since NLEC closed Loitering and begging? People are clearly (and rightfully) more concerned about getting stabbed or otherwise harmed/robbed or having their ca...
Ebsy wrote:
Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:39 pm
The Chick Fil A at Truman State is very much open to the public so I imagine the one there will be as well.
Same at Missouri S&T. I stopped by on the way through and it was all townsfolk eating there on a weekend.
Ebsy wrote:
Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:23 pm
God this forum is full of crybabies. The defeatism is as pointless as it is annoying.
OK, let's put a positive spin on the increasing murder rate. How about: each additional murder means we simply have more "opportunity to improve" next year.

How'd I do?
RuskiSTL wrote:
Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:23 pm
Didn't it all start because Saggar was calling out Total Access for offering way too many services, pushing the costs way up?
I think it was mostly about TAUC not accepting Medicaid, driving more people to the emergency room where Medicaid pays.