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final agenda. unchanged. more details
That's heartbreaking.
The kind of human-scaled buildings the entire City was planned around.
Instead we've got impersonal glass with a wide buffer of landscaping to keep pesky people away.

But.....Just think of the short-term jobs created though 🙄
In its current trajectory CORTEX will not amount to much more than a hyper-branded, car-centric office park. A Westport at the most.

I would totally be okay with them proving me wrong though.
This is great news and all but also aggravating since not very long ago a perfectly intact historic building on Forest Park Ave (?Brauer building) was demolished by CORTEX claiming Techshop needed a newly configured space. Fast forward a couple years :TechShop is gone and so is another heritage bric...
It just reinforces the shortsightedness of tearing down Busch II, which was a truly unique design, aesthetically beautiful, by an internationally famous architect, and which reflected multiple eras of STL history. Philistines! We keep doing the same thing over and over again convinced that this tim...
"No other city - I am willing to bet - will dopple-gang (ie. copy) One Hundred. It will be uniquely St. Louis"

Ha. See what you did there?
As for tight parking, there is a public parking garage under/behind 9 North Euclid which is half a block to the south.
I drive by this building everyday. It’s a beautiful building, but if given the option I’d rather see the high rise. Along with BPV, that corner can capitalize on a lot of foot traffic on game days and hopefully activate the corner on non game days. The typical St. Louis false choice. How about keep...
You could take your pick of any number of underused lots in the area. Why the f%^& is it always the historic building location that is targeted for demo?
Apart from the obscured corner windows ( which I am still hoping is not a permanent feature), I love this.
Again, Yaay form-based code.
southcitygent wrote:
Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:22 am
I don't disagree with the outrage, however the city also benefits by increased earnings tax revenue that this type of housing attracts.
Only if the new residents are relocating from outside the city.
newstl2020 wrote:
Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:11 am
Construction update:


What a great corner/block this has turned out to be. From the middle of the intersection there is an awesome view of the Park East tower. Couldn't get a picture there was too much traffic.
Yup. Form-based code bearing fruit !
rheights wrote:
Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:24 pm
^ WUMCRC just tweeted that the project has started.
Hmm, interesting. Are they proceeding without their coveted demolition on Tower Grove Ave for green space/parking or did some authority like the Planning Commission overturn the Preservation Board's denial ?
An eccentric, optimistic person like him is such an oddity in today's St Louis where most people just seem to want to lie down and die. Yep. I guess it depends on what circles you move in. I on the other hand seem to know an army of die-hard city boosters who believe in the City and Work everyday f...
It seems similar to the Peabody opera house in massing/sparse fenestration. Could probably be done up as a performance venue or event space. Would fit in with the arts district. As for a hotel, there is a lot a good designer can do with 'soft' elements like outdoor furniture, landscaping, light proj...
Would make cool boutique hotel.
framer wrote:
Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:27 pm
I'm curious how storm windows meet historic district standards?
Looked up the CWE historic standards and storm windows (either inside or external) are allowed because they enable the preservation of historic windows.
Final agenda for monday ... 7-2017.pdf

Ahem.. The Archbishop of St Louis hardly fits the narrative of poor people being priced out of a historic district :wink:
Like I noted before, I am living with the original windows on the front of the house and so far have not frozen in the last 6 winters. Storm windows cost a fraction of replacements. Heavy drapery is another solution one could use. Don't know the details of the denial in question. Will look out for t...
Have preserved original windows in our 1896 house. Not drafty likely because we have fitted storm windows on the outside. I notice details and feel that a poorly done window/door replacement takes away from a historic building. I am glad there are historic standards. Cant trust that everyone in my n...
30 % lipstick and 70% pig.