I’ve often wished Downtown Cairo had been boxed up and rebuilt in Old North or near North DT as a historic preservation / infill initiative. Instead it was bulldozed, flattened into the ground and hauled off to landfills. Now it’s a wasteland. It’s a fantastical thought, along with moving the Spivey...
STLEnginerd wrote:If there were a way to pick this building up and move it across the river, i wish they would do it.
If only there were someone passionate about both St. Louis and engineering who could develop such a solution.
Have they already started move-ins?
It appears this just went over 50% leased. Seems like a pretty solid pace considering move-ins started in early March.
^I hope they do something comparable to your building and carve out an interior courtyard. It looks like they didn't do it for 1818 Wash, but it just seems like such a good idea/design. Bringing in more light and air and limiting the long railroad units with interior windowless bedrooms that many of...
The neighborhoods north of Delmar immediately adjacent to the Loop and the CWE will get hot fast. The housing stock is excellent, it isn't carved up by railroads, topography, and highways, and it's close to WashU, hospitals, CORTEX, and SLU. Total no brainer. 5 years max before it completely explod...
This whole misunderstanding makes sense if you simply didn't understand what you were writing or how to properly express it. If you were using finished as a past tense verb you wouldn't write "are" in front of it. To use it as a past tense verb you would write something like, "Pro sports (you'd also...
Prob would have helped to be clear the first time around.
^You said, “Pro Sports are finished in this town.”

That would require at least two teams to leave. Pretty clear.
Looking through some old posts. A funny one (in a tragic way) from summer 2010. What a long strange trip it's been.
quincunx wrote:
Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:43 am
Groundbreaking is expected in late 2011, and the trolleys will be rolling by fall 2012, said Joe Edwards ...
STLToday article
Was hoping they would have it open by MDW to draw interest and ridership from the holiday weekend.

Even with school out, this time of year has so much Loop and Forest Park foot traffic that this is the time to have it up and running - even at a reduced schedule.
Station looks great. Thanks for the update.

Hopefully things move quickly on the landscaping/access path side.
^How many jobs will be lost is yet to be determined. The senior leaders at the companies are still determining how the merged company will be structured.
So by employing 45,000 people Amazon has helped create homelessness. It’s an interesting thesis. This policy seems like it would incentivize companies to move to the suburbs. Apple and Google have armies of employees in Cupertino and Mountain View, and no problem attracting talent, no homelessness t...
Any signs of life on this one?
Yeah, Centene Plaza has always had a green roof. One that’s apparently in need of some TLC.
^^Nancy, what makes you think that?
WashU reported on Friday that “construction of the new Boyle/Cortex Metrolink station should be finished by June.” So, good news, despite what looked like a little planning snafu. I assume after construction is complete there still may be a week or two of testing prior to a public opening. Hopefully...
I wonder if having the rails run into a pole for the overhead wires will cause any delays for the eastbound track? :? :?
The wide bodies just tend to be more sophisticated planes for a better flight experience. Higher ceilings, more overhead space, quieter, better cabin pressurization and air circulation systems, multiple cabin doors for faster entrance/egress, more rows for faster entrance/egress, more bathrooms, one...
Being 100% sure that the person who messaged you is not in fact yourself is a sure sign of sanity.
They significantly expanded their retail footprint about a year ago with the purchase of Eagle Bank & Trust. Eagle was headquartered in Hillsboro, JeffCo and a lot of its locations were/are in South County and points south. Auto finance is not a significant part of their business. I think its focus ...
Not M&A related, but in terms of local companies I never thought I'd see the day when Enterprise Financial was worth more than Mallinckrodt.

Good for EFSC. Horrifying for MNK.
None of those reasons seem any different than the case for building a significant development anywhere else in the city.