Mods: Can the title of this thread be changed to something along the lines of: The Last Hotel - International Shoe Co. Building - 1501 Washington ? A couple renderings from the article:
The Memphis Area Transit Authority seems to be experiencing some of the same delays in streetcar restoration that the Loop Trolley dealt with. They're facing at least 90 days of additional delays. I believe this is the same company in Iowa that the Loop Trolley Co. relied upon for restorations: Comm...
Fair points. It's probably not any consolation (perhaps more disturbing than anything), but there is a 57 story building in Downtown Brooklyn called Ava DoBro much of which is covered in the exact same randomized grey/white/blue color panels. It hits all of the same (unfortunate) points you just mad...
^Why's that?
^^Anxious optimism. Optimism: The multiple hotel redevelopment projects, Arch grounds completion and significant Stadium area residential developments are going to be a solid late-cycle shot in the arm for Downtown. Anxiety: Downtown has been late to the party this economic cycle. One hopes/worries ...
KC: 454 - 3-4 unit structures.
Milwaukee: 0 - 3-4 unit structures.

Not really sure what the cause or significance of that is, but what a random contrast.

So the Cleve and Pittsburgh struggling; Minne, Columbus and KC ripping; And everyone else plodding along.
Surprised to not see Detroit on there. The Indy and Columbus inclusions are the only two that kind of irk me (and I'm sure folks in Detroit as well).

VERY strong showing for D.C., which basically garnered 3 of the 20 final spots. Followed by New York with 2 of the 20 spots.
100 years ago - the west end of the Delmar Loop in 1918:
From a Metrolink timetable published sometime between 1998 and 2001:
In NYC the vast majority of train cars only have seats running along the length/side of the train facing inwards. Only a couple lines - the B and D - have a sort of hybrid approach where some seats face forward/back and some are along the length/side facing inward. Getting back to Metrolink. I recen...
^This acquisition will put Energizer solidly back in the Fortune 1000 for the first time since the split with Edgewell (which has remained in the Fortune 1000 since the split).
Richmond Heights: You won't want to walk out your front door, but communities with history, character and charm can be accessed in mere minutes via Highway 40!
Weird. It does seem this one's taking a bit longer than usual - especially for primarily wood frame construction. I would have thought all the plywood would have been weather-proofed/covered in tyvek by now.
Hopefully soon the Siteman Center (left) and outpatient building (center) frame One Hundred:
Three months now since the last photo update. Is this project wrapped up?
The name of the project is MOFO. Maybe should be added to the thread title.
^Great find of that drone shot. A bit OT, but here's a StreetView shot from Art Hill looking northwest, showing that The Everly just sneaks up above the tree line:


The more high-rises surrounding Forest Park the better!
We talk about increasing the number of residents but I think we overlook the importance of hotels in creating street activity. I would take a full 300 room hotel over a 300 unit apartment any day if I was a nearby restaurant owner. That's why I think it's vital to invest in our convention and touri...
I think the plan is to just use the Kiener garages for the Arch, which makes sense to me.
Conveniently located tubs of ice cold tall boys would be a perk of living there. Seriously though, for those kinds of rents I'd go for the Lofts at Soulard Market which still seems like relatively new construction and has the better walkability to BBs, Broadway Oyster and Busch. But this'll be a nic...
My parents (Clayton residents) received a robocall from the NIMBYs urging everyone to show up to oppose it. Good lord. Seriously? Do they have a coherent argument against this project? Or is it just losing precious surface parking and (contradictorily) an irrational and paralyzing fear of additiona...
Hopefully it stays a National Park. If it's made into a National Monument Trump and Interior Secretary might open it up for oil drilling and mineral extraction!
^Pulling one from the archives there! Most sources had the deal at $3.75b.
I agree that saving it is preferable, that its STyLe (thanks for that 'gasm) will be more broadly appreciated as time goes on and that round buildings are a dying breed in St. Louis, BUT I'd still be happy to see the oval building at the south end of the site replaced by a new 6+ story apartment bui...